5-Steps Guide To Design Your Perfect Custom Kilt

Kilts have been a part of Scottish culture for centuries, but they have gained popularity all around the world, nowadays kilts are worn for a variety of occasions, from weddings to special events and even as part of everyday attire. If you’re looking for a unique kilt that reflects your personal style, a Custom kilt is the way to go.

Benefits of a Custom Kilt:

A few benefits of Custom Kilts are given below that provides comfort to the buyer according to their own preferences:

  • Perfect fit for individual body shape
  • Personalized style and design
  • Unique design options
  • Durability
  • Choice of fabric and colour
  • Made to measure for comfort

With 5 simple steps, we will explain how to design your perfect custom kilt.

Step 1: Choose the Right Kilt Maker: 

In the beginning of this process, to choose the right kilt maker which one is more reliable as compared to others. The best way to choose a high-quality Custom kilt maker is to investigate their previous work and read their customer reviews and testimonials. For best quality of custom kilt hire the best Custom kilt maker. Select a kilt maker who is punctual, such as “Mr. Kilt”, who delivers their shipment within 15 days. So knock knock open the door and receive your parcel. 

Step 2: Tartan’s Selection

In designing your Custom kilt the 2nd step is to choose your tartan. Tartan refers to the pattern on the kilt, which is made up of stripes and blocks of different colors. Each tartan is associated with a particular Scottish clan or family, and there are hundreds of different tartans to choose from. If you have a specific clan or family history, you may want to choose a tartan that reflects that. Otherwise, you can simply choose a tartan that you like the look of.

Step 3: Select Styling For Your Kilt

Once you’ve chosen your tartan, you’ll need to decide the style of kilt that you want because your taste defines your pesonality. There are several papular custom kilt designs which are given below:

  • Traditional Kilts:
    The traditional kilt is the most formal and often worn for weddings and other special events.
  • Clan tartan Kilts:
    Clan tartan kilts are totally opposit to traditional kilts because its priority is your likeness.
  • Utility Kilts:
    The Utility kilts are more modern version of kilts which follows modern fashion trends.
  • Casual Kilts:
    Casual kilt is a more relaxed version of the traditional kilt which often worn for everyday   wear. 
  • Militry Kilts:
    The military kilts are considered an honor and are still worn with pride during guard duty.
  • Dress Kilts:
    The dress kilt is the most formal of all and is often worn for black-tie events.

Step 4: Take Your Measurements

Before you can order your custom kilt, you’ll need to take your measurements. This is important to ensure that your kilt fits you perfectly. You’ll need to measure your waist, hips, and length from your waist to your knee. You can either take these measurements yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Step 5: Choose Your kilt Accessories

The final step in designing your custom kilt is to choose your accessories. This includes everything from your sporran (a small pouch that hangs from your kilt) to your kilt pin (a decorative pin that holds your kilt in place). You’ll also need to choose your shirt, socks, and shoes to complete your outfit.

When it comes to choosing your accessories, you can either go for a traditional look or a more modern look. Traditional accessories include a leather sporran, a kilt pin with a Scottish design, and ghillie brogues (traditional Scottish shoes). If you’re looking for a more modern look, you could choose a chain sporran, a kilt pin with a more contemporary design, and dress shoes.


Designing your own custom kilt is a great way to express your personality and style. By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a kilt that fits you perfectly and reflects your personal taste. Whether you’re wearing your kilt to a wedding or simply for everyday wear, a custom kilt is a unique and special piece of clothing that you’ll treasure for years to come. Custom kilts represent uniqueness in this fashion world. So if you want to explore your fashion trends then a custom kilt is the best way to show your taste. I hope my instructions are helpful for your desired search area.


What is a custom kilt?

A custom kilt is a kilt that is made to your specific measurements and design preferences. Custom kilt offers that you can choose everything from the tartan to the style and accessories to create a unique kilt that fits you perfectly and reflects your individuality.

How do I choose a tartan for my custom kilt?

“Mr. Kilt” is one of the best online kilt maker and seller in USA because we stock a massive range of original tartans to choose from, and you can choose one that represents your family or clan history or simply choose one that you like the look of. You can find thousands of tartans on the website with various colors and designs to help you create the custom kilt of your dreams.

What style of kilt should I choose for my custom kilt?

Your decision of kilt style will be influenced by the event and your personal tastes. During weddings and other traditional occasions, people frequently wear the traditional kilt, which is the most formal. A more relaxed version of the traditional kilt is casual kilt which is frequently worn for casual attire. The dress kilt is the most formal of all and is often worn for black-tie events.

How do I take my measurements for a custom kilt?

To take your measurements for a custom kilt, you’ll need to measure your waist, hips, and length from your waist to your knee. You have two options for taking these measurements, you may do it yourself or hire a pro to do it.

How do I choose the accessories for my custom kilt?

The accessories you select will depend on the occasion and your unique style. A leather sporran, a kilt pin sporting a Scottish design, and ghillie brogues are examples of traditional attire. Choose a chain sporran, a kilt pin with a more modern style, and dress shoes for a more contemporary impression.

How much does a custom kilt cost?

The cost of a custom kilt will vary depending on the kilt-making and the materials used. The best way is, properly converse with Kilt makers about your desired kilt and cost. An estimated price of a kilt is about 400$ to 500$ but only “Mr. Kilt” offers sale prices that are less than 100$. So Keep in mind that a custom kilt is an investment and can last for many years with proper care.

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